Jack & Jill :

Participants register individually. Couples are formed randomly and dance to the DJ’s music selection.

Available categories : Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Open

Strictly swing : 

Participants register as a couple and dance to the DJ’s music selection.

If the two partners are not in the same competing category, the couple shall register under the highest one.

Available categories : Novice, Intermediate, Open

All European :

This is a jack & Jill, all categories together.



Newcomer :

Beginners in WCS or in WCS competitions.

Novice :

Dancers with less than 16 Novice points.

Intermediate :

Dancers with more than 16 Novice points and less than 30 Intermediate points.

Advanced :

Dancers with more than 30 Intermediate points.

All star :

Dancers with more than 45 Advanced points.


Refer to the WSDC rules.

For rules click here.


The Paris Swing Classic reserves the right to modify the suggested categories, depending on the number of competitors registered.

The participants are authorized to choose the role they wish to compete in (Leader/Follower). They will keep this role for all the competitions throughout the weekend.


Competitions are restricted to pass holders or evening ticket only.