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Résultats 2019 / Results 2019




1. Laurent Baltazar and Margaux Guerin

2. Guillaume Bury and Murielle Baltazar

3. Arthur Versavel and Rose Thirion


1. Arthur Rasolofosaon and Anna Duong

2. Matthieu Chipponi and Adèle Serton

3. Vincent Van and Celine Mathieu

Intermediate :

1. Carlos Eduardo Procopio Melo and Laeticia Lung

2. Cyrille Dupuis and Heloise Cossin

3. Armand Buisson and Laurene Ah-Sing

Advanced  :

1. Orhiane Dang and Pierre Kern

2. Alexandra Branco and Pierre Kern

3. Christelle Ouvrard andOlivier Deprez

All Star  :

1. Damien Lasson and Gwendoline Ingelaere

2. Raphael Ettedgui and Estelle Bonnaire

3. Byron Brunerie and Charlotte Mennetrey



Novice :

1. Arthur Rasolofosaon and Mathilde Serre

2. Ludovic Monier and Sandra Debu

3. Nikita Kavokine and Marianne Maillet

Intermediate :

1. Michael Ha ans Laeticia Lung

2. Armand Buisson and Marie Lephay

3. Florent Coic and Valerie Freund

Open :

1. Byron Brunerie and Melodie Paletta

2. Damien Lasson and Gwendoline Ingelaere

3. Julien Bec and Alexandra Branco


1. Laeticia Lung and Thierry Lou

2. Audrey Sauger and Simon Perrat

3. Marie Lephay and Nikita Kavokine

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